Links for Bookmarklets

Site reviews:

PC World
PC World again, more
PC Magazine (Wayback version)
Hotwired's WebMonkey
Washington Post
San Jose Mercury News (Wayback version)
BYTE (Wayback version)
Earthlink's bLink magazine
Internet Tourbus (Wayback version)
Business 2.0
CBC Radio (Wayback version)
Heise Online (German) (German)
New York Times

Notable sites distributing bookmarklets:

(any site which does this is notable. Sorry to pick just a few.)
AltaVista's Babelfish
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Backflip's Webopedia
Alexa Snapshot

Bookmarklets in other languages:



ZDNet's DevHead (Wayback version)
Inside DHTML
CNET's (packaging scripts)
Netscape's View Source (useful technique for debugging)
Robot Wisdom Weblog (embedded date bookmarklets)
CGI Programming with Perl (book with section on bookmarklets)
JavaScript for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide (book with chapter on bookmarklets)
JDNet (French introduction) (Russian tutorial)

Other bookmarklets:

(NOTE: is not responsible for the content of the following pages)
Open Directory Project tools by and for the editors
In-situ web editor edit the pages you see
Javascript FAQ a clock and other examples
DC-dot Metadata Editor helps add metadata to pages
Amazon relinker directs Amazon affiliate fees
Napsearch bookmarklet uses Napster's search
Edit this page for Netscape/Unix
Web UI dev tools for MacIE5 for working with style sheets
Validation Bookmarklets validators for HTML, CSS, and accessibility
Annotea W3C annotation system
Make a Shorter Link turns long web addresses into short ones
Smokinggun browser tools various ways to change the page
Jesse Ruderman (squarefree) has many bookmarklets
Favelets some style sheet bookmarklets and others
Sam-I-Am web page debugging & development tools
lineDraw overlays an application on the page
BookPost post to your weblog about a book
Passhash recall your passwords
Screensaver uses images on page
LibraryLookup tells if a book is available at your library
Safari bookmarklets from Apple and MacWorld
Layout grid bookmarklet. A grid for web designers
Bookmarklets work on the iPhone. This opens up the possibility of using bookmarklets to overcome limitations of the iPhone's native Safari browser. One example: Tabulate allows you to open in new tabs.

More to come...