About Steve Kangas

...blame where blame is due

  In 1992, I received a Ph.D in mathematics from the University of Oregon and began a career as a research mathematician (I was a low-dimensional topologist). It was rewarding work, but I felt that I could only reach a small audience through it. photo of steve

  Early in 1995 I saw a graphical web browser and decided that the web was the most staggeringly awesome thing happening on the planet. I quit my profession and have devoted my time since then to exploring the web, spending an average of 10 hours a day online, either surfing or creating web projects. This is an excessive amount of time for any one pursuit - more time than it will be possible for me to sustain - but, well, it was worth it (in my opinion). I felt like a spectator at the Big Bang ("isn't that neat! Imagine the universe that will grow from this!)

  Besides bookmarklets I have worked on a number of web projects. Lately I've been interested in vertical search engines, such as Howhowto.

  Bookmarklets are my attempt to convey some surfing tricks directly, through actions rather than words. I hope you enjoy them!


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